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HughMcIntyre: So your new song, I saw that it was scheduled for Friday, but some people may be getting it early. Is that right?

Jessie J: It’s scheduled to go on to all digital platforms on August 11, which is Friday. However, obviously, because people unlock the song online, they will hear the song. So it will be like a pull from online. People will probably film it and put it online. But with regards to actually being able to stream the song, it’ll be on Friday.

McIntyre: It’s a win-win-win.

Jessie J: All good things.

McIntyre: And this is right now being billed as the lead single of an upcoming album, right?

Jessie J: No, it’s not. It’s funny, though. It’s funny that some people think that, but it’s not. This is like a warm-up. This is purely just something that I’ve done with M&M’s. But the song I wrote myself with a producer that’s produced my new record. It’s definitely in the vein of the new kind of, I want to say, era. That sounds so “Instagram.” But the vibe of the next phase of my life, in my career. I think it’s just because it’s new music, everyone’s like, “It’s a single,” and I’m like, “It’s not a single!”

Full interview HERE!

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M&M’s is using its interactive beatbox platform to offer fans an opportunity to preview a new song from Jessie J.

Fans who visit bitesizebeats.comcan unlock a preview of the singer’s “Real Deal” track by mixing the correct combination of instruments with M&M’s animated “spokescandies” to create their own shareable beat.  Part of the new song will also be featured in two new, 15-second M&M’s commercials, from BBDO New York, debuting on Aug. 7 and 8 on TV, as well as online on the Bite-Size Beats site and YouTube (one spot below).

The full version of the Jessie J song will be available on music streaming services and other digital platforms on Aug. 11.

“Thousands” of fans have created beats since the platform, which uses Incredibox beatbox technology, was launched, according to M&M’s senior brand manager, Michelle Deignan. “M&M’s has featured six of the consumer-generated beats in the brand’s commercials promoting the Bite-Size Beats campaign, she tells Marketing Daily. The brand expected fans to embrace the platform enthusiastically because it “gives them a chance to have some fun with our iconic spokescandies,” she says, but the level of response and the creativity demonstrated in inventing beats have “surpassed our wildest expectations.”

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Jessie was in Tokyo yesterday to promote the new line of MakeUp Forever. 44 HQ photos below:


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The charity single ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ was released this morning in aid of Grenfall Tower victims. Video below & links where you can buy/stream!

‘iTunes: http://smarturl.it/AFGBOTWits
Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/AFGBOTWam
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/AFGBOTWstfy
GooglePlay: http://smarturl.it/AFGBOTWgp
Deezer: http://smarturl.it/AFGBOTWdzr

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Jessie was in London for 18 hours to quickly record her part for the Grenfall Tower song, raising money for the victims & survivors of the tragedy. HQ photos of her below & post of the song coming soon!



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My first official show was at the club Heaven in London. I was 17 or 18 years old and I was terrified. I wore a lace catsuit, my hair back combed into a mohawk, black patent stripper shoes and music notes drawn on my face. Super low key (obvs).

The stage was in the middle of the dance floor and the guy who booked me stopped the music (that was going off, might I add) and announced me performing. No one had a clue who I was. It went silent and I climbed onto the stage, my music blared out and I started singing “Mamma Knows Best.” I will never forget that moment. The love and support I was shown then was overwhelming and has never stopped from the LGBTQ community. I felt accepted, understood and respected. The feeling was, and will always be, mutual.

Late last year I was asked to perform at the OnePulse Gala to remember all the beautiful people who lost their lives in the awful shooting in Orlando. I was honoured and humbled to find out “Domino” was one of the most requested songs at the club, so I sang it in their honour and memory.

I feel so lucky and often so overwhelmed that my music can help people feel okay — okay to be themselves, to feel loved and free; as they should. Love is love and no one should be discriminated or labeled for the choices they make on what their heart feels. It’s your life. Live it how you want to live it and be happy. You are all so special. I love and support you all. Forever.


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