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jessiej July 21st, 2016

Jessie was doing promotion in New York for ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’, HQ candids below:


jessiej July 21st, 2016

Jessie J Hosted a New York ‘Make-a-Wish Screening’ of ‘Ice Age: Collison Course’ in New York yesterday. HQ photos below:


jessiej July 16th, 2016

Jessie attended the ‘Ice Age: Collision Course‘ Screening in Los Angeles today (16th July). 100 HQ photos have been added, I’ll add more as I get them!


jessiej July 11th, 2016

The latest addition to The Voice judging panel reveals she and Delta have their differences! 

I’m like the evil queen and Delta is the princess,’ Jessie J laughs as she sits down backstage at the Voice to chat with OK!. The UK singer and songwriter has jumped into the coach’s chair for the fourth season of the show and she is a breath of fresh air for the format.

‘See, look at her!’ Jessie says as Aussie darling Delta Goodrem, 30, enters the room with her heels on and her hair done, ready for the cameras. ‘I look like a 12-year-old boy,’ Jessie, 27, says with her sarcastic humour.

While hanging out with the superstar coaches, OK! learnt not only about their dissimilarities, but also about their shared obsession for ’90s music, and what they both look for in Mr Right.

How do you think your coaching style differs from Delta’s? Watching you two during the Blind Auditions, you guys are very different and you even clash at times…

Jessie: We’re different people, so I think it’s always going to be different. Like, you wouldn’t say that Ricky and the Maddens have to be the same because they are all men. I think women are always put against each other, for whatever reason. I’m just myself and Delta is just herself, and we’re human beings that have an opinion – sometimes they’re the same and sometimes they’re not. Every time we disagree and every time we agree, we talk about it afterwards.

Delta, is it nice for you to have another lady on the panel?
I am a girl’s girl,  first and foremost. It is important that you send that message into the universe that there is plenty of room out there for all of us.  at’s why we are all on a panel, because we all hear things differently.

Jessie: It’s like in a group of female friends.  There’s always the emotional moments within a group of girls.

Have you picked up any Aussie habits while you’ve been in Australia?

Jessie: Well, I can’t wear shoes now. I am wearing  flip flops. I never used to be into sandals, or thongs as you call them, and now I am just like ‘f— shoes’. I went to Bondi with my boyfriend, Luke, and walked around a bit – everyone is just so happy here in the sunshine, aren’t they?


jessiej July 10th, 2016

jessiej July 2nd, 2016

JESSIE J has revealed she won’t be returning to The Voice next year, with the Bang Bang singer wanting to focus on herself and making new music. The 28-year-old British musician told Confidential: “I won’t be doing The Voice again. I have loved it but I just feel like it is time for me to get back to the music.

“I have been working for the past two years. It has been two years since Bang Bang was launched, it is insane, it goes so quickly.”

Jesse, who has worked on the Channel 9 reality singing program for the past two years, said it was time to get back to basics and start writing music again.

“I love singing, I love to sing, it makes me feel present, it makes me feel alive, it makes me feel just myself,’’ she said. “I feel 100 per cent and all my worries go away and the more I sing, the happier I get. I am going to take some time out and hopefully feel a vibe to start writing again.”

Jessie signed on as a mentor and judge on The Voice Australia in 2015 and currently appears on the show alongside Benji and Joel Madden, Delta Goodrem and Ronan Keating.


jessiej June 30th, 2016

jessiej June 30th, 2016

Regular international flights is part of her job although she admits to being terrified of heights.

“Jet lag has become normal for us now,” she said, saying she keeps herself busy on flights watching movies and colouring in with Mandala books. “Flying isn’t my strongest point, being in the air terrifies me so if there’s Wi-Fi I call my mum constantly. We talk and send each other pictures and stuff. Getting to travel the world and meeting my fans is what I love about flying though.”

Jessie J performed four songs, including a cover of Prince’s Purple Rain, which she added to her set list before he died. “I sang Purple Rain because I feel very lucky that I can sing it, that that is what I do for a living,” she said. “Prince was one of the few that were left that was authentic to his craft. Weirdly, I added it to my set maybe six or 10 months before he passed. I just love him and wish he wasn’t in the sky.”

The Voice is due to wrap filming in the next fortnight with Jessie J then set to head back to the UK. She recently lent her voice to the character of Brooke, a sloth, on new Hollywood animated feature, Ice Age Collision Course.

“It didn’t feel like work, it was really fun and I was just kind of being really silly putting on voices,” she said. “Not having to worry about what you look like while you’re recording makes a big difference.”


jessiej June 30th, 2016

Jessie gave a VIP and exclusive performance during the British Airways Summer Launch in Sydney! HQ photos below:


jessiej June 27th, 2016

Drennan has remained in contact with Jessie J, who coached her to victory last year. Indeed she had a sleep over with the British popstar in Sydney last week.

“It was so normal,” Drennan said. “It was like I was just hanging out with my girlfriends at home. I could just talk to her about anything and everything, she could do the same. It was cool to be just like sisters. She’s got great advice about performing and focusing on myself. She’s an amazing person. She’s always been there for me, it’s amazing to have Jessie J there to support me through my career.”

Jessie was also one of the first people Drennan sent Hard Love, which the teenager co-wrote, to for her opinion.

“I sent it to her as soon as I got the first mix. I wanted to know what she thought and she said she loved it which made me happy because she’ll always give you her honest opinion.”


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